The LEITENBERGER group (here in after referred to as LR GERMANY) located in 72138 Kirchentellinsfurt consisting of 

  • Autotestgeräte LEITENBERGER GmbH 
  • LEITENBERGER Druck & Temperatur GmbH 
  • LEITENBERGER Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH 

admits to its societal responsibility. 

Due to our increased societal, economic and ecological awareness, we try to meet the challenges of todays interconnected and global economy. The following code of conduct is based on company values such as quality, performance and teamwork. lt further sets clear standards regarding integrity as well as responsible business practices. We agree to abide by our corporate values within LR GERMANY and with our corporate partners and suppliers. Especially the faithful intercourse regarding independence, trustfulness, risk-management, respect and corporate citizenship is of critical importance for LR GERMANY.  We encourage that all human beings are being treated equally, open-minded, respectfully, faithfully, appreciative and fairly.

LR GERMANY stands for equal opportunity for everyone. Thus, any kind of discrimination, such as discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities, is strictly prohibited. Moreover, harassment of any kind as well as mobbing is not tolerated.  In our corporate actions we agree to follow internationally approved principles regarding the protection of human and labor law. Furthermore, we align ourselves to relevant and internationally acknowledged declarations regarding the protection of the environment. 

1. Compliance with law and order 

In each country where we engage in economic activities, we comply with the corresponding law and legislation. We ensure that our actions are in accordance with the principles of the present code of conduct and we are committed to motivate our business partners to agree on them as well.

2. Respect for and observance of human rights

The protection of human rights is mandatory in all states where we engage in economic activities. We steer clear of activities in which human rights of others are harmed in any way. lf coming across mismatching actions, we agree to counteract on any adverse effects on human rights. 

3. Ethical business practices and integrity

We pursue legal business practices under consideration of fair competition, commercial property rights as well as antitrust regulations. We reject all forms of corruption and brlbery. Consequently, the principles of good and responsible corporate governance, such as transparency, accountability, responsibility, openness and integrity, determine the actions of LR GERMANY's management. Business partners are to be treated fairly. Contracts are to be complied with, as long as no material changes are interfering with the original contract. In general, ethical values and principles regarding human dignity and internationally acknowledged human rights, have to be respected.

4. Contribution to society

We see ourselves as part of the society in which we operate in. 0ue to our corporate actions we contribute to social welfare, economic growth and sustainable development. We consider all direct and indirect effects of our actions on the society and economy. We make every effort to balance interests in economic, societal and ecological terms. 

5. Labor rights and working conditions

We comply with the existing labor standards and, thus, create a safe and humane working environment. 

6. Freedom of association and collective bargaining

We respect the right of employees and employers to form organizations for the protection of their economic and social interests without preliminary approval. We respect their right to join those organizations and to elect their representatives in full freedom. We further honor the right of employees and employers to collectively bargain on wages and working conditions. Employees that are part of any workers' organization are not to be treated unfairly regarding their employment. We accept that employees have the right to make complaints without harming themselves; those complaints are to be considered in an appropriate procedure. 

7. Prohibition of forced labor

Any activity based on compulsory, forced or bonded labor or slavery will not be accepted. This includes any type of work or service that is demanded from any person under the menace of penalty for which said person has not offered himself / herself voluntarily. 

8. Prohibition of child labor and protection of young employees

We advocate for the effective abolition of child labor. We comply with the respective minimum age for the admission to employment. According to the regulations of the International Labor Organization the respective minimum age is not allowed to fall below the age until school attendance is compulsory or below the age of 15. Appropriate mechanisms help identifying the age of applicants during the recruitment process in order to avoid child labor. We hire adolescents from the age of 16 onwards solely when their life, health and morals are not endangered while carrying out the activity. Furthermore, adolescents are only hired after a detailed instruction or when the work is in accordance with a professional training in the corresponding area.

9. Prohibition of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation

Any form of discrimination, exclusion or preferential treatment resulting from race, skin color, gender, religion, political orientation, nationality or social background that leads to unequal opportunities or unequal treatment in employment is banned at LR GERMANY. Additionally, we follow the principle of equal compensation of male and female employees when performing equally. 


Wages are not allowed to fall below the official statutory or national minimum wages. Wages are to be paid regularly in accordance with the appropriate form and are not allowed to be kept back. Payroll deductions are allowed only if they lie within the statutory or negotiated legal framework and they have to be disclosed explicitly. Employees have to be informed regularly about the composition and the amount of their renumeration. 

12. Health and safety at the workplace

We are obliged to comply with national regulations that ensure safety and health at the workplace. All corresponding actions that are undertaken in order te guarantee employee's safety and health help avoid occupational accidents and eliminate endangerment of health. Valid local regulations regarding protection, safety and health at the working place as weil as building security and fire control and protection must be strictly adhered to. Those regulations have to be strictly complied with in order to reduce the risk of accidents and occupational illness to a minimum. Employees are equipped with adequate protective clothing, if necessary. In case of danger, employees have the right and duty to leave their workspace immediately without receiving a permission to leave. Needy people such as young workers, young mothers, pregnant women or disabled people receive particular protection mechanisms. 

13. Humane treatment

We treat our employees with dignity and respect. Any form of undignified treatment such as abuse, harassment, intimidation or illegal punishment shall be avoided. Any disciplinary action shall be set down in a written form and shall be understandable for the employee. 

14. Environmental protection

We fulfill all applicable laws, regulations and administrative rules for the protection of people and nature of the countries we engage in. While exercising our daily business we contribute to the goal of sustainable development. To do this, we continuously analyze our operational activities for harmful environmental effects. We are making an effort to constantly improve our environmental impact in the long run. In order to realize said goal we support the introduction of appropriate technology and production techniques that help enhance the efficient use of natural resources and energy as well as minimize emission and, thus, improve the quality of air. We attach great importance to the economical usage of natural resources, recycling and conservation of water and energy. We try to assess the quality of used chemicals. Thus, we select them according to various factors such as environmental protection, occupational safety and consumer protection. Particularly harmful chemicals are tried to be exchanged. The proper disposal of waste is important for the circular economy. lf the disposal of chemicals or other substances is harmful for the environment, they will be identified and appropriately transported, stored, recycled or discarded.

15. Implementation and realization

The present code of conduct is stating the minimum standards for our employees, business partners and suppliers. We communicate the content of this document to our employees, business partners, suppliers and third parties. We respect this code of conduct in all our actions and encourage our business partners to apply the code of conduct as weil. We include the code of conduct standards in our strategic and operational management system according to all good intentions of corporate governance 

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