Innovation through intuition

With us, intuition has many faces. We at Leitenberger find solutions for applications in all areas, build patterns and develop prototypes until everything fits, up to and including serial production. We produce all of our devices and almost all components ourselves. With a production scope which keeps surprising our customers of many years. We are independent from suppliers with this production scope. We program the software of our devices and configure our circuit boards in-house.
But we can do even more and everything is "Made in Germany".

We can do this for you:
    •        Development
    •        Prototype construction
    •        3D-print models
    •        Software programming
    •        Circuit board configuration
    •        CNC processing
    •        ISO calibration
    •        Manufacture by customer request
    •        Screen printing
    •        Laser printing
    •        Serial production


 This way to the tour. Gain some perspectives of our company. Each aspect speaks for itself.

  • Circuit board assembly

    We program the software of our devices, assemble cables, and populate boards.

  • CNC manufacturing

    Processing of plastic and metal parts, manufacturing of equipment components, construction of prototypes.

  • Customer focus

    We manufacture according to customer requirements. Your logo as print directly to the device? No problem!

  • Product packaging

    Our precise testing devices are well packed and therefore easy and secure to store. The sturdy case and individually milled inlays keep that promise.

  • Finishing

    It is often the small solutions that move a lot for our customers. Your logo by laser or print on your product. Individualisation is what matters!

  • ISO calibration

    We provide as needed: calibration, certification, CE certification, EMC testing.