Fit for the future

New at Leitenberger! Practical training based on the current needs of car workshops and manufacturers.

Our further training catalog includes seminars on the following topics:

  • Certificate of competence in air conditioning
  • Service work on Otto direct injection systems (GDI)
  • Expert for HV…
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Air conditioning leak test

One of the most important functional tests in air conditioning maintenance is the leak test. If the system is filled with new coolant as part of maintenance, it must then be ensured that this does not leak anywhere in the system and thus can damage the compressor and the environment due to the low…

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Versatile helper

Today's vehicle owner is critical and wants to be convinced. Everything that the workshop employee can show, explain and explain to him in the context of vehicle acceptance in the form of defects / wear and tear, maintenance and useful accessories, he usually accepts and the operation takes in the…

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Leitenberger in the press

The "Technik Profi" from Auto Motor und Sport conveys the current knowledge about automotive technology in a vivid and clear manner. It is not only aimed at trainees in the automotive mechatronics trade, but equally at journeymen, foremen and technicians. We are very pleased that Leitenberger…

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For the modern and innovative workshop ...

With the KP_BT 01_LR from Autotestgeräte Leitenberger, compression pressure values ​​are recorded and sent to a terminal device, e.g. a smartphone or tablet. The measurement data can be analyzed quickly and easily in a specially developed "LR Smart Tools" app and documented for customers. The app is…

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July Special - Everything about the fuel system

Errors in the fuel system can have many causes:

  • Quality of the fuel
  • Low pressure fuel and no bubbles
  • CR injector return quantities
  • ...... up to the functionality of the injectors

Leitenberger offers the right testing and diagnostic device for all eventualities. For you beautifully and…

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Download - Fuel System Diagnostics

With the logically structured sequence of steps for the diagnosis of the fuel system, Leitenberger offers all colleagues in the workshops a practical tool for printing, reading or hanging on the wall in the workshop - from practice, for practice!

Your copy is available for you to download here!
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On the pedals, get set, go!

The employees of the Leitenberger group of companies now have the opportunity to use high-quality leasing bicycles and e-bikes. With the JobRad leasing offer, Leitenberger wants to promote the health of its employees. "If you ride a bicycle or e-bike regularly, you are less stressed and less sick in…

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We do something - The “Mauldäschle” from Leitenberger

In the current difficult times we have reactivated the historical Leitenberg business field "Textile"! Professional seamstresses and our tried and tested sewing machines from that time are now producing our self-made respiratory masks. We are very happy to be able to contribute such a small part to…

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May: Product of the month

Universal adapter set for brake fluid change BAK 07

Every specialist company that performs brake fluid changes knows the challenge. The vehicle is in the workshop and the right adapter is not available right now. The universal adapter set BAK 07_Uni immediately helps. The set will be available from…

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