Air conditioning leak test

One of the most important functional tests in air conditioning maintenance is the leak test. If the system is filled with new coolant as part of maintenance, it must then be ensured that this does not leak anywhere in the system and thus can damage the compressor and the environment due to the low coolant level.

New at Autotestgeräte Leitenberger in the range: The practical air conditioning leak test system on trolleys - KLDS 05

  • For simple and safe leakage pressure testing of current air conditioning systems with the refrigerants R744 (CO2), R1234yf and R134a
  • Using KLDS 05, forming gas is introduced into the empty air conditioning system with a continuously adjustable test pressure. A pressure drop and thus a leak can be determined very quickly and easily
  • The practical trolley offers sufficient storage space for all six test hoses, each 3.0 m long, accessories, removed parts and tools and space for the safe transport of 2 gas bottles of 10 L each

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