Sustainability at Leitenberger – our repair service

The protection of our natural resources is one of the most pressing tasks of our time. For us at Leitenberger, sustainability is more than a market-driven fad, but rather the expression of an entrepreneurial attitude that has shaped the company since its founding.

It’s really quite simple! Products that last longer are better for the environment. For this reason, our high-quality technical solutions form the basis of our sustainability efforts. We constantly work to improve manufacturing processes, spare parts service and repairs. We therefore produce our devices and nearly all components ourselves. With this depth of production, we are independent of suppliers. Should it be necessary, this allows us to repair the devices you purchase from us, thereby allowing us to make a significant contribution to the protection of our resources.

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  • Our Repair Service

    Whether the device has a defective manometer or a malfunction, we can repair the device your purchased from us.


  • Spare parts service

    Repair instead of throwing away. Here, for example, the manometer was replaced - quickly, easily, immediately.

  • In-house production

    Thanks to our in-house production, we can immediately manufacture spare parts that may not be in stock.

  • Parts warehouse

    Because our equipment is bolted - not glued or welded - we can disassemble and repair without having to replace entire components.