Product of the month – Quickly find leaks in air conditioning systems

With the SLD 01, Leitenberger offers the right tool.
Car air conditioning systems are not maintenance-free. In the vehicle, the compressor and heat exchanger are connected by means of rubber hoses that become porous over time. This also applies for all rubber seals at the compressor and heat exchanger connections. Because the refrigerants typically used in vehicles are highly volatile, a leak test of the entire system is essential prior to refilling with refrigerant – and even legally stipulated.

With the SLD 01, you can quickly and easily precisely measure the pressure conditions in real time to within one hundredth of a bar in the low and high pressure range of the air conditioning system with the help of forming gas. Thanks to an integrated printer, the result is logged and documented for the customer.

Use is as easy as you might imagine: after testing the refrigerant filling level, two hoses of the gas cylinders are connected to the SLD 01 and then connected to the low- and high-pressure line of the air conditioning system. After admitting the gas into the air conditioning system, measurement and logging are started. Any drop in pressure is precisely displayed in the low- or high-pressure range and can then be localised with the ELS 04 leak detector (optional accessory).

Additional information on the SLD 01:

  • Suitable for refrigerants R134 and R123yf
  • Measurement time: up to 24 hours
  • Nitrogen test display: 0.1 bar
  • Leak detection test display: 0.01 bar
  • Measurement precision of 0.5%

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