Products of the month – vacuum cooling system fillers

Air entrapped in the cooling system decreases the cooling capacity and can lead to serious damage. Careful bleeding is, therefore, essential during repair measures.

The vacuum cooling system fillers from Leitenberger guarantee fast and bubble-free filling without subsequent bleeding of the cooling system in the event of repairs or during the initial filling. When using the devices, a vacuum tightness test is performed and the filling of a leaky cooling system thereby avoided. A vacuum is generated in the cooling system by means of a venturi nozzle. If the vacuum remains constant, the cooling system can be filled quickly and free of bubbles by drawing in the coolant under vacuum.


  • Bubble-free filling, can be used on any type of vehicle
  • Simple, reliable, maintenance-free
  • Filling and tightness test performed in just a few minutes
  • Outstanding vacuum
  • Enormous time savings
  • No air entrapped in the cooling system
  • Our devices are already in use by renowned manufacturers
  • Also suitable for cooling systems in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as vehicles with fuel cells
  • The XL model handles high volumes. Is thus especially well suited for large cooling systems (e.g., buses, lorries)
  • Vacuum indication on KVB


  • Connection to vehicle with aluminium adapter


  • Delivery in a robust plastic case