Product innovations

Keeping up with the times 
Movement is the basis for further development and progress. We create the stimuli for further development and new products, also directly through queries from our customers.

"Do you have a solution for that?"

"Yes, we do" is our response.

The result of this collaboration: Innovative solutions for measurement and testing technology which go far beyond the automobile.

Professional test benches for Diesel Common Rail injectors & Gasoline direct injectors

Electronic, gravimetrical Injection Mass Metering

Accurate and repeatable electronic measurement of discharged and returned volumes. The only mass metering device available in the market today, that does not require filtering and temperature calibration. Multiple-Injection-Metering is effectively accomplished.


  • Features (depending on type)
  • integrated, manufacturer injector database and testplans
  • automatic shutdown 
  • electronically controlled pressure regulation 
  • very high repeatability
  • resolution 0.2 mg, accuracy 0.2 %
  • diagnosis of: NOP, incorrect spraying, leaky or seized injectors
  • led-lit and pressurized spray chamber
  • short testing time required
  • automatic and user-guided tests possible 
  • Single-page color report for each injector
  • operation with non-inflammatory and non-noxious test oil



Service device for automatic transmission gears

Mobile service station made of stainless steel is suitable for holding required tools, replacement parts, new transmission oil and old oil which can be drained into the service station.


  • Operating with 12 VDC
  • Transmission oil changing rate of minimum 95 %
  • One device for fast change of transmission oil and flushing of the whole transmission system
  • Our cleanser, developed to fit with automatic transmission applications. Removes abrasion products andcontaminations, bounds Glykol residues.
  • Practice oriented. Clean removal of the hydraulic device or oil pan. No oil drops on the floor and no oil splatter towards the mechanic.
  • Many adapters are available: MB, BMW, Audi, VW, ZF, Aisin, etc.

Example: AGSG_012VDC_MB1, consist of:

  • Basic device: Mobile service station made of stainless steel with sucing hose and coupling
  • Measuring pitcher: AG40 und AG41
  • Funnel: AG42
  • Adapters*: AG24, AG25, AG27, AG28, AG29, AG31, AG32
  • Jumper hose: AG22* for all hitherto available Mercedes-Benz models.



Gearbox oil-tester

Detection and measurement of coolant in transmission fluid. 

Problem: Engine coolant can react with transmission fluids and reduce or eliminate the lubrication of a transmission system. The transmission system can be damaged (irreparable).

By centrifuging of an oil sample the propotion of coolant in the transmission fluid can be determined.

  • CNC machined bracket for holding in drill chuck
  • small sample of (possitive) contaminated transmission fluid required
  • easy and clear to operate
  • no liquid reaction fluids required
  • wear free measurement visually detailed result
  • Determination of coolant as of 0.01% possible



Universal digital pressure measurement

Universal digital pressure measurement

Digital Pressure Measurement Device with 2 pressure sensors. This device allows two pressure measurements at the same time. The functionality of this device is the same as an analogue „double pressure scale“. This device allows the conversion from analogue measurement to digital measurement. All already acquired hoses and adaptors can be used furthermore.


Technical data:

  • differential pressure between channel 1 and channel 2
  • accuracy class 0,5 FS
pressure measurement rangeApplications  
-1 bis +16 barVacuum, Oil pressure, Fuel pressure
0 bis 60 barCompression
0 bis 400 barHydraulic
0 bis 2.500 barCommon Rail, Hydraulic

The measurement results can be transfered to a customer´s diagnostic system. The measurement device is able to provide analogue proportional signals corresponding to the measurement results eg. 0...5 VDC, 4...20 mA etc.

This device is available with calibration certificate (as option).

Example of use: Brake pressure measurement for Utility Vehicles. download pdf here.