We have been manufacturing and selling high-quality test and measurement devices for workshops for 50 years. The result: Our current product range, which offers not only many well-known and established products, but also solutions to new problems as well as intelligent tools for demanding users.

Cooling Systems

The cooling systems of modern vehicles have become increasingly more complex and elaborate, which is why faultless and trouble-free operation is critical. For example, combustion engines can only operate efficiently and with low emissions when they reach their operating temperature quickly and are able to maintain it under all load conditions. This is ensured by the cooling system, which also supplies the passenger compartment with heat. The cooling systems of most modern EVs are even more complex. These types of cars use temperature management systems, which are responsible for cooling and tempering the electrical components.

Testing units from Leitenberger are used for the following:

  • Tightness tests, as pressure or vacuum test
  • Fast and bubble-free filling
  • Detection of CO2 gases
  • Assessment of liquid media