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Cooling system products from Autotestgeräte Leitenberger

Vacuum cooling system filler

  • The vacuum cooling system fillerensures that the cooling system is rapidly filled with coolant, free of air pockets and without any need for subsequent bleeding.
  • It is used following repairs or for the firs fill. The machine also carries out a vacuum leak test, preventing the filling of a leaking cooling system.
  • A vacuum is generated in the cooling system by means of the workshop compressed air supply (6...10 bar) and a venturi nozzle.
  • Provided the vacuum remains constant, the cooling system can be rapidly filled, devoid of any air pockets; the coolant is drawn in under vacuum.
  • the filling method can be used on any type of vehicle
  • the coolant is devoid of any air pockets
  • security of the process
  • easy to use
  • the filling process and vacuum leak test are completed in about five minutes
  • no maintenance required
  • can be used to bleed stationary heating systems
  • independent from the volume of cooling system
  • Also suitable for cooling systems in hybrid, EV and fuel cell vehicles.