Hydraulic system tester


HPG 1000 (-)

Hydraulic system tester for testing and diagnosing hydraulic systems. All relevant physical values are indicated simultaneously.

  • easy handling
  • measuring results in short test possible time
  • pressure indication 0...400 bar, class 1.0
  • temperature indication 0....120° C, class 1.0
  • viscosity (oil) 10...200 cSt.
  • Spezial function: An automatic switch ensures that the pressure is always indicated on the proper instrument. So the operator gets the best possible and most exact pressure indication and the low pressure gauge is protected against over pressure the best possible way.
  • Hydraulic load: Via a pressure resistant gadged, the hydraulic path can be completely blocked or a determined flow can be set.
  • Hydraulic connections: 1“ BSPP, outside thread (inlet and outlet).


HPG 1000_LR_01, flow range 5...55 l/min, Ref-No. 041900_1
HPG 1000_LR_02, flow range 10...110 l/min, Ref-No. 041900_2
HPG 1000_LR_03, flow range 30...300 l/min, Ref-No. 041900_3


Supplied in a solid plastic case


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