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Code maintainer

Code maintainers (Emergency power units).

Whenever it is necessary to disconnect the vehicle´s battery, so in case of maintenance jobs and repair works, particular meqasures have to be taken to prevent the loss of electronic data and codes (drive-away lock, radio codes, door opening, adjustment of seat and mirrors, etc.). In order to save the vehicle´s electronic data, the use of code maintainers (emergency power units) is vital.

For a detailed view over LR-Code Maintainers (emergency power units), please consider the table below.


DescriptionNSV 02NSV 02NSV 03NSV 03/1
built-in current supply       X  
with auxiliary battery only        X       X
main alimentation 230V/50Hz        X   
accumulator alimentation        X  
connection via cigarette lighter        X      X      X       X
polarization/protected against        X      X      X       X
overload protection        X      X      X       X
incl. electronic protection        X      X      X       X
permissible on-board voltage       12 V    12 V    12 V     24 V
maximum output current     250 mA      2 A     2 A      2 A