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All products from Autotestgeräte Leitenberger for automotive electrics

Electric and electronic circuit testers

  • Our testing units are the real deal when it comes to testing electrical components and shortening the test and diagnostic time in the workshop.
  • The application possibilities are manifold: Assemblies up to 48 volt can be precisely examined, for example.
  • Thanks to the integrated lighting* in our testing units, dark test points are optimally illuminated.
  • The infinitely resettable short-circuit fuse with 7.5 A ensures accident-free working. 
  • Our testing units allow users to perform the following tasks in the workshop, regardless of whether the component is built-in or disassembled: 
  • Continuity tests on wiring harnesses, switches or fuses.
  • Detect faulty ground connections without time-consuming voltage drop test.
  • Measure DC voltage, pulsed voltage and voltage peaks.
  • Depending on the device version, the polarity of the tested components is signalled both optically via LED or LC display and acoustically via two different signal tones. 
  • The standardised cable length of 6 m ensures that our testing units can also easily reach and test trailer lights or trailer sockets.
  • The test devices AZ 172, AZ 173, AZ 174_V2 were developed exclusively for vehicle electrics applications. They are not suitable for measurements and use on the on-board electronics and on the control unit.
  • * Depending on device. Details are provided with the individual devices