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  • The engine pressure loss measurement enables the diagnosis of each individual cylinder or combustion chamber in gasoline (petrol) and diesel engines.
  • The degree of escape and the point of exit can be determined by the controlled supply of compressed air to the combustion chamber.
  • Air leakage or blowing noises in the intake area or exhaust
    • Possible fault location: Leaky intake or exhaust valves.
  • Air leakage from the crankcase ventilation, the oil filler neck or the dipstick
    • Possible fault location: wear of pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners or defective cylinder head gaskets.
  • Air bubbles in the cooling water expansion tank or in the combustion chamber of the neighboring cylinder
    • Possible fault location: Leaky cylinder head gasket, cracks in the cylinder head.
  • Note: You can download additional adapters for the use of test devices in a wide variety of engines in the service area in the "Adapter list for compression and pressure loss testers"