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Cylinder leakage testers for Petrol and Diesel engines

  • Each individual cylinder or combustion chamber in petrol (gasoline) and diesel engines can be diagnosed by measuring the engine pressure loss. 
  • The magnitude of the loss of pressure and the location can be determined through the controlled feeding of compressed air into the combustion chamber. 
  • Escaping air or blowing noises in the intake or exhaust area
  • Possible defects: leaking inlet or outlet valves. Escaping air at the crankcase ventilation, oil filler neck or oil dipstick tube
  • Possible defects: wear of piston, piston rings, cylinder track or defective cylinder head gasket.
  • Air bubbles in the cooling water expansion tank or in the combustion chamber of the adjacent cylinder
  • Possible defects: leaking cylinder head gasket, cracks in the cylinder head.

Note: Further adapters for use of the test devices in different engines can be found in the service area in the "Adapter list for compression and pressure loss testing units" for download