Fuel Injection System

The fuel systems of modern vehicles involve much more than just stockpiling fuel and providing fuel for combustion. The need for tightness and safety of the tank, the filtering and delivery of the fuel, the heating or cooling of the fuel, the provisioning and checking of the fuel system pressure in the supply, return and injection system as well as the precise injection into the combustion chamber in the high pressure range are requirements which must also be met by the fuel system in terms of exhaust emission standards, safety and consumption values. Having a system that works flawlessly is essential, which means that regular maintenance and repairs are necessary.

The products and testing units from Leitenberger are used for the following:

  • Common rail high pressure testing
  • Static and dynamic testing of high pressure pump
  • Return flow quantity / pressure measurement
  • Injector test
  • Injector control, droplet pattern, pressure drop .....
  • Fuel identification
  • Diesel bleeding
  • Fuel extraction
  • System tightness test
  • Fuel consumption