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All Leitenberger products for fuel system testing

Injector test stands

  • Unique, compact, economical and professional solutions for every workshop, development and quality department for testing and maintenance of diesel CR or petrol DI injectors.
  • Functions for all DISU/GISU test benches
  • Short setup and measurement times
  • Automatic test run
  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust test bench with high quality
  • Easy operation via touch screen
  • Android-based software
  • Simple and user-friendly menu navigation with language selection
  • Test liquid is cleaned with a 2 μm filter
  • Database with over 2000 test plans for almost all CR injectors
  • Free unlimited updates for software and database
  • Closed test system without spray filtering etc.
  • Maximum occupational safety thanks to additional plexiglass test chamber cover.
  • Almost maintenance-free standalone device
  • Low operating costs, no licence fees, free support
  • Up to 2800 bar test pressure, EU6 injectors, VDO authorized (depending on model)