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Digital hydraulic diagnosis

The new hydraulic diagnostic device HD01 is a mobile, extremely robust and easy-to-use measuring device for many measuring tasks in mobile hydraulics or in stationary hydraulic systems. Simply plug in with the automatic sensor recognition for the sensor block for the measured variables pressure, temperature and flow and start the measurement immediately. Tedious parameterization of the sensors is not necessary, the measuring ranges are automatically scaled and the measured variable is shown on the display.


  • Up to 6 physical measurands can be recorded (2x P, T, Q)
  • Save and log measured values ​​via USB interface
  • Robust, handy, mobile device
  • Incl. Factory calibration certificate


  • Simple and quick, but high-quality target / actual analysis of the hydraulic system
  • Simple data logging - without complex software (open csv. File in Microsoft EXCEL)