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Automatic Transmission

Gearboxes in modern vehicles are subject to ever increasing demands for efficiency, low vibration and performance. Proper lubrication plays a major role in ensuring that the gearbox functions properly over its entire service life. Special gear oils are required for the various assemblies. These oils are often designed to last a lifetime, but high operating temperatures, such as when driving at high speeds or sporty driving, cause the oil to age faster. Leading gearbox manufacturers recommend that automatic transmissions undergo an oil change, e.g. every 80,000 to 120,000 km or at the latest every eight years.Regularly changing the gear oil is already prescribed by many vehicle manufacturers in the service plan and can significantly extend the service life of an automatic or direct shift gearbox.Flushing the gearbox also enables the removal and rinsing of contaminants and deposits in the gearbox. In addition, flushing yields an oil change rate of almost 100%. With a conventional oil change, only about 60% of the oil is actually replaced.

A gear oil change with flushing is necessary and economically feasible under the following circumstances:

  • High mileage
  • Long switching transitions
  • Improper switching operations
  • Error message in the on-board computer