Our way

Short channel and flexibility

Because the idea counts

Quality and diversity, which inspire: Whether a specialist or a vehicle master, sales manager or qualified engineer, technician, mechanic or graphic designer - the widest range of specialists work hand in hand with us. Enjoying what we do.

That is because decades of experience meld with new stimuli at our company, motivated by an inspiring mixture of young and old. This means that students and graduates from universities in southern Germany can share perspectives in a close exchange with long-time employees, some of whom have been employed at the company for 40 years. For innovative approaches which make an impression.

As a team, we are happy to meet each challenge. With a high level of flexibility, we can adopt new ideas and look for their ideal implementation. We systematically use synergies which result from the know-how and the accumulated experience of the entire Leitenberger Group for our innovations. And that is not without a sense of pride. We are able to assert ourselves in all of our products due to the huge production scope: Engineered and made in Germany.