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Leitenberger Products for the brake system

Brake bleeding units

  • The professional brake bleeding units from Autotestgeräte Leitenberger for your car and truck workshop are the ideal solution to perform efficient and safe brake maintenance. With these devices, you can perform brake service quickly and easily without sacrificing quality and safety.
  • Why is brake maintenance so important? Brake fluid should be changed every two years at the latest, as it attracts moisture and thus changes its properties. This can lead to poorer braking characteristics and longer pedal travel. Since the brake is the most important part of a vehicle when it comes to safety, regular maintenance and bleeding is essential.
  • A professional brake maintenance tool offers you many benefits that make brake service safer and faster. You no longer have to decant the brake fluid, but can deliver it directly from the original container into the brake system with the help of a hydraulic pump. Pulsing forces even the smallest air bubbles out of the system. As soon as the container is empty, the pump switches off automatically and the pressure is released. This allows you to disconnect the adapter from the expansion tank on the vehicle without spraying brake fluid out.
  • Our brake bleeder is specifically designed to meet the needs of truck and automotive repair shops. Invest in quality and safety for your workshop and buy our professional brake bleeder now. See for yourself the many benefits our brake service equipment offers and make your brake service even more efficient and safe.
  • In conjunction with the practical transport cart, this provides a mobile service station that combines efficiency and tidiness.
  • Available with different power supplies:
    • 12 VDC vehicle voltage
    • 110 VAC mains voltage
    • 230 VAC mains voltage
  • The connection to the brake system is implemented at the expansion tank of the master brake cylinder
  • A list of brake adapters (adapter B..) for almost all car manufacturers can be found in the "Adapter_list_brakes.pdf" document.

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