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Fuel Injection System

The fuel system of modern vehicles goes far beyond the simple storage and supply of fuel. It includes demanding tasks such as ensuring the tightness and safety of the tank, efficient filtering and delivery of the fuel, as well as its heating or cooling. The precise provision and monitoring of the fuel system pressure in the supply, return and injection system also plays a decisive role. These requirements are essential in order to meet strict emissions standards, safety regulations and fuel consumption values.

A smoothly functioning fuel system is therefore essential and requires regular maintenance and, if necessary, repair work.

Our products and test equipment at Leitenberger support workshops and employees of OEM manufacturers in the following areas:

  • Common rail high-pressure testing: our precise testing equipment allows you to accurately measure and analyze your vehicles' high-pressure systems. This is crucial for the performance and reliability of the common rail system.
  • Static and dynamic testing of the high-pressure pump: Our devices enable thorough testing under both static and dynamic conditions to ensure that the high-pressure pump always functions optimally.
  • Return flow and pressure measurement: By accurately measuring return flow and system pressure, potential problems can be identified and rectified at an early stage, extending the life of the fuel system.
  • Injector testing: Our testing equipment provides an accurate check of injector function, including analysis of the droplet pattern and pressure drop, to ensure that injection is accurate and efficient.
  • Injector control: We offer comprehensive analysis and testing equipment to check injector control to maximize the performance and efficiency of the injection system.
  • Fuel identification: With our fuel identification and analysis tools, you can ensure that the correct fuel is always used, helping to optimize vehicle performance.
  • Diesel venting: Our venting devices ensure effective venting of the fuel system to prevent air bubbles and maintain system performance.
  • Fuel extraction: Our efficient extraction devices facilitate fuel system maintenance and cleaning by providing quick and clean fuel extraction.
  • System leak testing: Our testing equipment allows you to check the tightness of the entire fuel system to detect and fix leaks and other problems at an early stage.
  • Fuel consumption: Our fuel consumption analyzers help you to optimize fuel consumption and thus improve the efficiency and economy of your vehicles.

Our comprehensive range of products, including analog and digital high-pressure testers, return flow testers and injector test stands, ensures that you always have the right tool at hand to carry out your maintenance and repair work efficiently and effectively. Rely on the quality and precision of Leitenberger - your partner for comprehensive solutions in the field of fuel systems.

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