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Automotive test lamps / Multifunctional testers

  • Our automotive test lamps are real professionals for checking electrical components and shorten testing and diagnostic times in the workshop.
  • They can be used for a wide range of applications, including the precise testing of electrical assemblies up to 48 volts.
  • Thanks to the integrated lighting* of our test devices, dark test points are optimally illuminated.
  • The 7.5 A short-circuit fuse, which can be reset as often as required, guarantees accident-free working. 
  • With our testers, the user in the workshop can, for example, carry out the following in a dismantled and installed state 
    • Carry out continuity tests on cable harnesses, switches or fuses.
    • detect faulty earth connections without a time-consuming voltage drop test.
    • Measure DC voltage, pulsed voltage and voltage peaks.
  • Depending on the device version, the polarity of the components to be tested is clearly indicated both visually by an LED or LC display and acoustically by two different signal tones. 
  • Thanks to the standardized cable length of 6 m, trailer lighting or trailer sockets can also be reached and easily tested with our test devices.
  • The AZ 172, AZ 173 and AZ 174 test lamps were developed exclusively for automotive electrical applications. They are not suitable for measurements and operation on on-board electronics and control units.

* Depending on the device. Please refer to the individual devices for details

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